Sunday, February 13, 2005

see her squirt

thank you to the kind soul who gave me moonstruck chocolates as an early birthday gift. that was mighty thoughtful of you. would have been extra nice if you had picked me up their famed mexican hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top, as well, but maybe that'll come tomorrow. (just kidding - chill)

today seems to be a bit of a bloggy day. i feel compelled to share something a little more personal at this time. it's about my pussy.

see, i seem to have attracted a number of different men into my life in recent times who are VERY opinionated about my pussy. namely, their chief concern is about the hairstyling. some want it shaved clean off. some want it "groomed" neatly. some want it full-blown bouffant style. and i have adjusted to each request accordingly. why??? i don't ask THEM to do something about their pubes or to see her squirt. i don't give a shit. now, maybe i would if i was groping down there for the first time and discovered a five o'clock shadow. that might be a little strange, but what say do i have in what they do?

i find that when i break things off with a guy, i change my hairstyle. most girls would start by changing the hairstyle on their head - as in noggin, if you seriously have a dirty mind and can't get away from the nether region. but no, i start below the belt. i change it up. makes me feel better. sometimes i have wondered if i didn't just pass over ownership papers on my pussy to the latest cock.

well, no more. my muff will be decorated as i see fit. if you don't like it, fuck elsewhere. is it not enough that my body's supposed to look like gisele bundchen's and i'm supposed to fuck like coeds need cash?? fuck off already.